I usually buy books from the Kindle store to read on my iPad because of the range available, but the Steve Jobs autobiography came out first on iBooks, so I'm reading it in that app. iBooks has this page turning animation that is SO cool. Not only does it show you the page curling around under your finger, but if you move your finger up and down a bit, the curling page wriggles in different directions just like a real thin sheet of paper would. I know that the Kindle app has now copied that animation, but it isn't as good and Apple did it first. It's these little touches that cause people to love their iDevices. Anyway, guess I'd better get back to reading now!

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If you are a gadget person and travel around a bit, you have to check out Scottevest jackets and coats. They have space for all your gadgets including special see-through pockets which let you see and control iPods and iPhones without taking them out; channels to run earbuds through the lining and little pockets for the buds; and a pocket big enough for an iPad. At airport security I just take off my Scottevest and put the whole lot through security in one hit – no fuss, no bother.

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Natalie Portman

I must admit to being somewhat surprised when I realized that I was going to post this one, as I despised Natalie Portman (and the other bloke whose name I don’t even remember) in the Star Wars trilogy. My description of number two was “Blue Lagoon in space”.

But when V for Vendetta came out, I didn’t think Portman stank… in fact, once she had shaved her head she kinda rocked.

And when I saw Thor I thought Natalie was quite hot. She’s definitely grown on me.

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The Duckworth Lewis Method

I am in fact of a mathematical bent, but in claiming to dig “The Duckworth Lewis Method”, I am speaking of the band (and eponymous album). There is something deliciously retro about the style of music and despite never being a ‘cricket tragic’ it does create in me a sense of nostalgia for those summer days spent watching the New Year’s Test Match on TV with my father and brother.

(I’m also trying out the use of markdown in my posterous postings to enable some better formatting, linkage etc. Hope it works!)

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Comics on the iPad

Since getting the iPad, I've rediscovered comic books. The iPad is the perfect size for reading comics and you can zoom to look at details or dodgy hard-to-read lettering. The "Comics" app from Comixology is the best option but isn't perfect, especially with larger collections; and for the first time I can see myself wishing the iPad had expandable storage, but overall I'm loving collecting and reading comics again.

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Stuff I Dig starts today!

I decided to start posting brief comments on stuff I dig. So I've registered the domain '' and pointed it at my posterous site. The aim is to post (at least? exactly?) one thing a day that I really like. So here goes... I've been playing the iPad app "Flapcraft" for the last few days and loving it. It's simple, fun, has groovy graphics and and a great feel.

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